What To Look For In Quality Car Window Tinting Installation?


Planning to get your car windows might appear like a simple decision. However, if you are not aware of what to look for in a window tinting company, you may fall prey to mediocre window tinting. Car window tinting is an excellent way to enhance your car’s aesthetics, protect you and your passengers from harmful sun rays and prevent your upholstery from fading and keep your car cabin cool. They also offer maximum privacy from a curious passer-by crowd. All these perks can be affected by a poor installation job. That’s why you need to be more cautious and know what to look for in a quality window tinting installation.

Check For Clean Edges

One of the first things you should notice after the installation is the clean edges. A quality window tint installation is something that leaves no gaps between the window edges and the cut line of the film. However, if the gaps are big and you find uneven edges, know that it’s a poorly done job and you should have it reinstalled again.

Bubbles Appear

Bubbles appear after every car window tinting installation, it should subside as the tint gets dry and fits the entire window. However, if it seems to be an air or dust bubble, realise that it’s a badly done job. Either, it appears when the car windows were not cleaned properly during the installation, or it might be due to the low-quality tint materials. And due to this, the tint will not perfectly adhere to the window causing bubbles.

Purple Hue When Exposed To Sun

If you see your windows throw a purplish hue when exposed to the sun, know that the installer has used a low-quality window tint. It can be annoying to watch as it ruins the appeal of your pristine car. So, check with the window tinting service provider about their tint ranges and quality. So, ultimately, a quality window tinting installation will leave no room for these mistakes and ensure you get the best value for your money. If you plan on getting a window tint for your car, call the window tinting experts from Northside Window Tinting on 0410 240 245 today.

Why Should You Have Paint Protection Film Installed On Your Vehicle

Not only does the paint job make your car looking nice and new, but it also does provide an extra level of protection to the vehicle as well. Usually, vehicles spend a large portion of their lives outdoor and are exposed to environmental damages and others. Adding a paint protection film increases the barrier and keeps your car looking and functioning like new for a long span of time. Here are some of the benefits of having paint protection film on your precious vehicle.

Maintains Resale Value – Paint Protection:

Keeping your car looking as nice as possible will help maintaining its resale value. One way to do that is to add a paint protection film. As the car ages, its value and its pristine shine decreases considerably. Having paint protection film installed will do a great job of keeping up its look and resale value as high as possible.

Car Paint protection

Reduces Need For Washing:

Most paint protection films do the fabulous job of repelling the dirt, dust and grime that get stuck up onto the cars as they drive. Even if some dirt managed to stick to the film, it can be easily wiped away without needing a full wash.

Protects Against Scratches:

No matter how careful you are, chances are that your car will get scratched when you don’t expect it. Adding a layer of paint protection will reduce the impact of scratches and chipping. By preventing these damages from occurring, the paint protection film also saves you money on costly repairs in the long run. Your car is a valuable investment, and you want good, honest advice when selecting accessories such as car window tinting, auto paint protection, and windscreen protection

Prevents Fading:

Exposure to sunlight can cause fading and leave your paint job looking dull and unappealing. Paint protection car film blocks harmful UV rays and prevent the paint from fading or discolouring even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

If you would like to reap all these benefits of paint protection film, bring in your vehicle to Northside Window Tinting for having paint protection film installed. To know more about the process, feel free to give us a call on 0410 240 245.

How Does Car Window Tinting Provide Protection Against UV Radiation?

Do you know that those who drive regularly are at a risk of skin damage or skin cancer? Most windows in cars are usually made from contemptible tempered glass that gets smashed in the event of a crash, and gives no protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. If you drive excessively and are worried about the risk of sun damage, it is time to learn how effective window tinting in Melbourne is for UV protection.

Auto Window Tinting Melbourne:

Auto window tints are designed exclusively to withstand the everyday liabilities of a car. The films are applied adhesively and are meant to stay on your car for many years to come. They can be applied to your front windows, side windows and rear windows, but there are specific rules that you need to comply with. As long as you hire a reputable car window tinting expert, you can rest assured that the job is done to the industry standard and in compliance with the state’s regulations. 

 Why Do You Need Window Tinting?

As a vehicle owner or driver, you want to protect yourself from burning your skin as you get inside the car and sit in your leather seats. You also want to prevent your car’s interior colour from fading from the sun’s UV rays. Whatever the case might be, your car’s windows will not do the job. Even if the vehicle’s manufacturer claims that the windows feature a slight tint, it does not mean that it can withstand the scorching sun of Melbourne. You need something more practical to provide that extra protection. There is where car window tinting in Melbourne comes in.

How Window Tinting Works?

Window tinting films are designed to reflect or absorb UV rays, preventing them from entering the vehicle. When the radiation touches the tinted glass, the window film controls the level of heat and light passing through it. By this way, it reduces our exposure to UV rays.

For car and residential window tinting in Melbourne, you can contact Northside Window Tinting. Our car tints can filter or block almost 99% of UV rays so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about being exposed to UV radiation. Call us on 0410 240 245 to discuss about the best window tinting options for you.

Should You Install Residential Window Tints Before Summer?

Yes! December is here! But you know what? It’s time to prep up your home for the upcoming summer with professional residential window tinting services. Getting your home windows tinted is not only fashionable nowadays; but there are also many reasons added to it. It has more benefits than you may know. If you doubt why you should tint your home before summer, we’ve got some answers for you. Let’s check them out.

Prevent Overheating

If you’re someone who uses air conditioning even when the weather is nice, you may have chances of high-energy consumption & utility bills. However, when you take up residential window tinting services as you do spring cleaning, it does improve the aesthetics & keeps the house cool all the time. So, there won’t be any need to turn on the air conditioning & you can prevent heat waves from entering your home.

A festive Upgrade       

With the festive season begun, you can give your home a make-over with residential window tints. Also, make sure to approach a reliable & transparent window tinting company for installing the right window tint to your house. If you’re the party host, this minimal upgrade will do the magic to your entire home.

Privacy Guaranteed

When it comes to window tints, privacy is crucial for households to avoid unexpected & unfortunate events. With high-quality residential window tints, you can stay safe from the prying eyes and block the nosy neighbourhood, burglars and passerby traffic.

Protect Your Costly Cushions

If you have invested in costly cushions, leather or furniture, it makes sense to protect them. Also, when the sunlight exposure is too much, window tints are the best bet. No matter where you live, with good-quality window tints, you can rest assured that your interiors will be safe and sound.

Prevent Your Essentials

From the wall paint to the carpets, each can get wear and tear over time. However, when the sun exposure is too high, all the elements fade quickly. So, ensure to invest in residential window tints to prevent the essentials.

If good quality car window tint is what you’re after, call Northside Window Tinting on 0410 240 245 today.

How Does Window Tinting Keep Inside Of Your Car Cool?

Parking your car directly under the scorching sun seems to be a trivial thought, but the truth is that it will make it uncomfortable for the passengers to travel in. The daylight will heat up your car and increase the temperature in a short span of time. If you are hoping to drive your car away quickly, your plan would be obstructed because of your car being tremendously hot inside. In fact, you will hesitate to get inside until the AC is turned on. 

Window Tint To Cool Down Your Car:

While this problem can be prevented by leaving your car under a shade, you need a permanent solution that can prevent your vehicle from getting heated. Although there are several ways and methods that will cool down your vehicle, using a window tint can be an optimal choice and a proven way to reduce the heat inside your car significantly. 

How Does It Work?

The car window tint serves as an additional barrier between the cabin and the outside of the car. It is comprised of several layers of polyester bases and comes with a scratch-resistance and UV blocking properties. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not only harmful to us but also to the car itself. However, window tints can reduce the damaging effects of the sun’s thermal rays. It reflects a portion of sunlight and only allows the illuminating wavelengths to get through. This means that you can enjoy the sun rays without increasing the temperature inside your car. 

How Effective Is Window Tinting?

The amount of heat reflected by the window tints depends merely on the type of tint you choose. If you have picked up the right tint, your car can get 70% cooler. However, to reap the maximum benefits from window tints, you should get the tinting done by a professional. Applying a window tint involves a complex process, so you must entrust the job only to the experts.

Window Tinting

Who Can Perform Car Window Tinting For You?

If you are based in Epping or other surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, you can rely on Northside Window Tinting for your car window tinting needs. We specialise in applying car window tinting, Clearplex windscreen protection and Gtechniq smart surface coatings. If you have any questions, you can call us at 0410 240 245.

Why Window Tinting is Important? – Benefits You Need To Know

Car Window Tinting Mill Park

Getting your car window tinted by a pro, certainly provides a sleek and opulent outlook for your car. Imagine a black stretch limousine car with tinted windows, make you curious already about who might be inside. More than the outlook it provides, it has many significant traits that you wonder. At Northside Window Tinting, we help our customers to learn more about the benefits and importance of car window tinting.

Car tinting helps the interiors easier to manage and paves way for better driving conditions. Learn the benefits before you go for car tinting.

Privacy Concerns

This is the most common reason for why you should get your car tinted. In case you may have some valuables or money inside your car, by having a tinted window prohibits the sneaky passers-by from barging in.

Skin Protector

Intensive UV rays from the sun might irritate your skin, if your skin is highly sensitive, these rays will cause skin allergies. A tinted window protects you from those harmful rays to its maximum potential and keeps the rays at bay.

Accident Proof

In case you are caught up in an accident, you will be glad that you have tinted car windows because it can prevent you from glass-related injuries, and additionally a car tinting film can protect your glass windows from being shattered. By doing so, you will escape from painful glass injuries and breaks.

Secures your car’s interior

Window tinting helps you to protect your car’s upholstery from being damaged or discolored. The intensive rays can make the leather faded or it can even tear due to overheating. It is important to preserve them from exposing to harmful light rays directly affecting the car’s interior.

Keeps your vehicle cool

Especially if you are living in a sunny area, your vehicle gets heated up more than you imagine. Car tinting is an effective method to keep your vehicle’s interior cool. It blocks the rays from coming and use less energy to keep your car stay cool.

If you’re considering window tinting for your car, entrust Northside Window Tinting with the task. You will not only receive the best car tinting possible, additionally, it is a quality investment to enhance your car’s resale value.

If you are looking for a quality car tinting service? Contact Northside Window Tinting on 0410 240 245

Give Your Car a Polished Look with Professional Window Tinting

Car Window TintingTinting your car windows can be a great gift, especially if you want your ride to look the best. Car Window tinting Melbourne is fairly simple and is one of the cheapest options available to spruce up your vehicle’s look. With a variety of colors and shades, your local window tint technician can create virtually any look you want.

Reason to Install Window Tints:

There are several reasons why people should install car window tints and they are as follows.

  • Preserve your vehicle’s interior.
  • Keep the sun out of your vehicle
  • Keep your upholstery from fading and wearing out.
  • Block heat and harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Prevent glares and damage to your eyes.
  • Protect your car and yourself from sun damages
  • Offers maximum privacy while driving
  • Improve the look of your car
  • Hold the shattered glass in the event of an accident

Obviously, automotive car window tinting has many benefits and serves as an asset for your vehicle. Installing window tints involves a complex procedure and requires many specialized tools to get the job done perfectly. If you are serious about tinting your car windows, consider having it done by the professionals.

Importance of Choosing a Reputable Tinting Shop:

  • A reputable auto body shop can help you select a tint that is in full compliance with state regulations. If you fail to comply with the state laws and install a tint with a VLT percentage lower than the prescribed level, you run the risk of being fined.
  • Having your car windows tinted by professionals ensures that the work is done perfectly to the industry standard. The process involves preparing the glass surface, measuring and cutting the film precisely and positioning the film to custom fit. All these tasks should be carried out perfectly to give your vehicle a polished look.
  • Any mistake made during the application process requires peeling the fragile film without damaging the glass surface. If mishandled, it could permanently damage the electric filaments running through the rear window of your vehicle.

Whether you are longing for a metallic window film or a traditional tint, you can contact the specialists at Northside Window Tinting for guaranteed results. We will guide you through every step of the way and provide glass tinting with the highest in quality and satisfaction.