How Does Car Window Tinting Provide Protection Against UV Radiation?

Do you know that those who drive regularly are at a risk of skin damage or skin cancer? Most windows in cars are usually made from contemptible tempered glass that gets smashed in the event of a crash, and gives no protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. If you drive excessively and are worried about the risk of sun damage, it is time to learn how effective window tinting in Melbourne is for UV protection.

Auto Window Tinting Melbourne:

Auto window tints are designed exclusively to withstand the everyday liabilities of a car. The films are applied adhesively and are meant to stay on your car for many years to come. They can be applied to your front windows, side windows and rear windows, but there are specific rules that you need to comply with. As long as you hire a reputable car window tinting expert, you can rest assured that the job is done to the industry standard and in compliance with the state’s regulations. 

 Why Do You Need Window Tinting?

As a vehicle owner or driver, you want to protect yourself from burning your skin as you get inside the car and sit in your leather seats. You also want to prevent your car’s interior colour from fading from the sun’s UV rays. Whatever the case might be, your car’s windows will not do the job. Even if the vehicle’s manufacturer claims that the windows feature a slight tint, it does not mean that it can withstand the scorching sun of Melbourne. You need something more practical to provide that extra protection. There is where car window tinting in Melbourne comes in.

How Window Tinting Works?

Window tinting films are designed to reflect or absorb UV rays, preventing them from entering the vehicle. When the radiation touches the tinted glass, the window film controls the level of heat and light passing through it. By this way, it reduces our exposure to UV rays.

For car and residential window tinting in Melbourne, you can contact Northside Window Tinting. Our car tints can filter or block almost 99% of UV rays so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about being exposed to UV radiation. Call us on 0410 240 245 to discuss about the best window tinting options for you.