Galaxy Classic Night Charcoal

Galaxy Classic Night Charcoal

The ultra low-reflective color stable formula utilized in the manufacture of the Galaxy range blocks high levels of unwanted glare and damaging ultra violet solar energy whilst maintaining a natural day and night ambience.

Constructed using a time proven internal color stable layer for the lowest possible internal reflectivity, and a proprietary low density alloy external layer for robust solar protection that is aesthetically pleasing. Galaxy’s signal friendly construction offers enduring corrosion resistant protection without blocking your dwellings signal transmitting capacity.

Galaxy Classic Night Charcoal by Express Window Films is available in a choice of ultra-low reflective charcoal shades.

Galaxy Performance SpecificationsGalaxy Film Construction
Product Code Galaxy 05 Galaxy 10 Galaxy 20 Galaxy 30 Galaxy 40
Heat Rejected % 66 63 56 51 51
Glare Reduction % 95 90 80 70 60
UV Protection % 99 99 99 99 99
Daytime Privacy High High Medium Medium Low
Outside Reflectivity Low Zero Zero Zero Zero
Ply 2 Ply
Thickness 1.5 Mil
Metal Vapor Deposition
Color Stable Charcoal
Adhesive Dry Adhesive
Scratch Resistant Yes
Liner Polypropylene

Galaxy Classic Night Charcoal Tint Selector

Select a shade below to see an indication of how the premium window film will look installed

No TintGalaxy 05Galaxy 10Galaxy 20Galaxy 30Galaxy 40
Galaxy 05
Galaxy 10
Galaxy 20
Galaxy 30
Galaxy 40

Galaxy Features & Benefits

Very Low Reflective

Galaxy’s hybrid color stable formula and low density alloy coating combine to offer the lowest possible levels of reflectivity. Allowing pleasing views to be taken in during the darker hours of dusk and dawn.

Energy Efficient

The solar energy reducing properties of the Galaxy range assist in maintaining a comfortable room temperature hence lowering the reliance of high energy consuming cooling appliances and HVAC equipment.

Corrosion Resistant

The ultra low-reflective color stable formula utilized in the Galaxy range increases the films overall corrosion resistance to maintain longevity and optimal appearance.

UV Protection 99%+

Ultra Violet Light is the major contributor to premature fading of flooring, furnishings and interior items. Protect your interior and contents with 99%+ UV protection across the whole Galaxy range.

Signal Friendly

With the growing reliance of wi-fi and mobile signal for both residential and commercial situations, the Galaxy range of solar control films will control the suns energy whilst allowing wi-fi, GPS and mobile signals to pass through without interruption.

Glare Control

The Galaxy range offers a selection of shade variations to control glare levels to suit the requirements of each glazing situation. Reduce annoying glare, whilst maintaining the preferred lighting ambience.


Lifetime Limiter Warranty

  • Available for Express Premium Architectural Window Films
  • Lifetime limited – Residential / 12 year commercial
  • Includes Product & Reinstallation Labor
  • Australia-wide Warranty Service Dealer Network
Deluxe_Banner_Top Galaxy Slider
  • Very Low reflectivity inside & out
  • Beautiful color stable charcoal tone
  • 5 Non-reflective shade options
  • Endurance Alloy layers
  • Day & Night neutral
  • Signal friendly
  • More info
Apex_Banner_Top Apex Banner
  • Low internal & External reflectivity
  • Deep ambient neutral tone
  • 3 Non-reflective shade options
  • Nano-Graphite & Ceramic coatings
  • Strong Daytime privacy
  • Signal friendly
  • More info
Nexus_Banner_Top Nexus Banner
  • Low internal & External reflectivity
  • High definition / neutral tone
  • 4 Non-reflective shade options
  • Corrosion free advanced Ceramic coatings
  • Enhanced optics
  • Signal friendly
  • More info
Extreme_Banner_Top Extreme Banner
  • Low (int) / med to high (ext) reflectivity
  • Maximum Solar Energy Rejection
  • 5 Dual-reflective shade options
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Nano-Ceramic coatings
  • Increased privacy
  • More info