What To Look For In Quality Car Window Tinting Installation?


Planning to get your car windows might appear like a simple decision. However, if you are not aware of what to look for in a window tinting company, you may fall prey to mediocre window tinting. Car window tinting is an excellent way to enhance your car’s aesthetics, protect you and your passengers from harmful sun rays and prevent your upholstery from fading and keep your car cabin cool. They also offer maximum privacy from a curious passer-by crowd. All these perks can be affected by a poor installation job. That’s why you need to be more cautious and know what to look for in a quality window tinting installation.

Check For Clean Edges

One of the first things you should notice after the installation is the clean edges. A quality window tint installation is something that leaves no gaps between the window edges and the cut line of the film. However, if the gaps are big and you find uneven edges, know that it’s a poorly done job and you should have it reinstalled again.

Bubbles Appear

Bubbles appear after every car window tinting installation, it should subside as the tint gets dry and fits the entire window. However, if it seems to be an air or dust bubble, realise that it’s a badly done job. Either, it appears when the car windows were not cleaned properly during the installation, or it might be due to the low-quality tint materials. And due to this, the tint will not perfectly adhere to the window causing bubbles.

Purple Hue When Exposed To Sun

If you see your windows throw a purplish hue when exposed to the sun, know that the installer has used a low-quality window tint. It can be annoying to watch as it ruins the appeal of your pristine car. So, check with the window tinting service provider about their tint ranges and quality. So, ultimately, a quality window tinting installation will leave no room for these mistakes and ensure you get the best value for your money. If you plan on getting a window tint for your car, call the window tinting experts from Northside Window Tinting on 0410 240 245 today.