Window Tinting Lalor

Your car is one of your best investments that should be protected from things that may affect its value. Auto tinting can protect your vehicle from dangerous UV rays, heat, glare and other damages. As the leading tint shop in Melbourne, Northside Window Tinting has been providing automotive window tinting & paint protection coatings application services to our customers in Lalor and nearby suburbs.

With over 17 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and commitment to deliver quality services. Our professionally trained technicians are detail oriented and meticulous in every step of the window tinting. We have got skills, tools and a desire to serve you with quality and value.

We are not just dedicated to upgrade the physical appearance of your car, but also protect your home from external damages. Our residential window tinting services ensure a high level of privacy for you and can reduce your energy bill. Besides protecting everything inside your home from sunlight, tinting can minimize the glare from the sun and stop fading.

Whether you want to protect or style your car, bring it to us to upgrade it with quality tinting. You can also reach us on 0410 240 245 for free estimates!

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