Feeling secure in the event of glass breakage

In case glass breaks, effectively prevent lethal shards of glass from flying through the air, thereby ensuring safety.

Break away from the worry of sunburn

Securely protect womenʼs and childrenʼs skin from sunburn. They are also effective in preventing premature fading of the vehicleʼs interior upholstery and fabric.

You’ll never notice the heat and  will rediscover the pleasure of driving

Effectively block the near-infrared solar spectrum (1,500-2,200 nm) that makes you feel the heat the most, and suppress the scorching heat of direct sunlight.

Extreme solar control performance proved by a wide range of scientific data

Blocking harmful UV radiation

      * With film applied, 99% or more of UV radiation is blocked

  • Actual measured value tested on 3-mm float glass with film applied

Spectral transmission graph

  • Actual measured value tested on 3-mm float glass with film applied

Optical properties

  • Based on automotive window film JIS S 3107
  • Shading coefficient is the relative value that indicates the amount of solar heat flowing into the The indicated value is measured using 3-mm float glass with each type of film applied, with the 3-mm unfilmed float glass taken to have a value of 1.00.
  • U-value is the value that indicates the amount of conductive heat energy transferred through one square meter of 3-mm float glass (with film applied) in 1 hour for each 1°C temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor
  • Total solar energy rejection indicates the ratio of energy that does not penetrate the interior, with the amount of incident solar energy onto glass taken to be 100%.

– The values reported in the data are actual measured values and are not guaranteed.

Why do we need automotive films?

Automotive films create a comfortable and safe car interior environment.

Wincos Automotive Films have outstanding solar control performance and protect women and small children with sensitive skin from harmful UV radiation. The shatter-proof performance effectively prevents lethal shards of glass from flying through the air in the event of glass breakage.

Blocking near-infrared rays

Blocks 90% or  more  of  near-infrared rays.*

In particular, effective blockage of the near-infrared region that penetrates into the skin reduces the scorching heat you would feel when you are near a window or in the car.

Increase in temperature inside the vehicle

Effectively blocks the scorching heat under direct sunlight and reduces the temperature rise inside the car, providing comfortable driving.

Shatter-proof performance

Effectively prevents lethal shards of glass from flying through the  air in the event of glass breakage, thereby ensuring safety.

Blocking harmful UV radiation

Blocks both UVA and UVB rays with UPF 50+ UV-blocking effect!


What is UVA?

It reaches the inner skin, causing wrinkling and sagging. What is UVB?

It damages the outer layer of the skin, causing age spots and freckles.

What is UPF?

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is generally used in countries including Australia and the U.S. Higher values of UPF mean higher UV blocking effects, and UPF 50+ is the highest value.

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